SecularAA Board of Directors "Zoom" Video Conference

Next meeting January 18-2020: 2pm-5pm Eastern, 11am-2pm Pacific

If anyone has documents or photos that they would like to share with the group at the meeting please send those to Sam ahead of time.

NOTE ***

It is suggested that you sign up for Zoom and give your pertinent details so you are all ready to sign-in to Zoom. (You have to do this only once…then you will  be set up for the rest of our Video Conferences.) Please make sure your WebCam is NOT blocked by your security software !! (The little light on top should be ON !! )

To have an enjoyable meeting experience it is highly suggested you download the “Zoom” software and install it on your computer ahead of time. Use the “Zoom” test facilities to test your Audio and Video devices to make SURE they are functional. Then JOIN a meeting using our meeting code: (See email meeting notice..this will have the correct code) click on link and click “allow Zoom Meetings” … you should see your face on your screen and hear your audio. To exit simply “Leave Meeting“…you can do this anytime you want before our meeting.